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Local Taste Lab with Range Rover House

This week we enjoyed unforgettable moments at Villa Maçakızı in Bodrum for the Range Rover House project. The Local Taste Lab coop with Slow Cooking Bodrum and Chef Dilara Apa featured a sustainable culinary journey, celebrating regional products from Bodrum and nearby areas with a chef's twist. Seasonal and local ingredients took center stage, showcasing tradition and innovation. Philosophical discussions about the importance of slowing down not only in cooking, but in our daily routine, were elevated with a highly exclusive Champagne tasting experience.

The ambiance was filled with joy and appreciation, making it an unforgettable time for all. A special appreciation to Land Rover Turkiye for entrusting us with this opportunity and to our esteemed guests for being a part of this culinary journey.

The Local Taste Lab Menu Bodrum Yağlı Zeytin with Memecik Olive Oil and Bazlama bread Figs with Fresh Çömlekçi Cheese, Honey and Almonds Chilled Tarhana Soup, Basil Oil Sea Beans with Artichokes, Calamari Eggs, Purple Pepper – Satsuma Aioli Gambilya Fava with Octopus Carob Ice cream with Carob Molasses

Bodrum -Muğla Regional Delicacies

1. Göce Tarhanası

Producer: Ayşin hanım

Location: Çömelkçi köyü

Tarhana is a fermented and dried ingredient made from wheat, yogurt, and vegetables such as kapia biber and white onions. Sometimes, salca can be added as well. It is known as Göce tarhana due to its ground size. Ayşin Hanım harvests her own Karakılçık wheat and uses heirloom seeds passed down from her family to make the tarhana.

The entire process takes 18-20 days. The first part involves fermentation, and once that is complete, they place the tarhana in a dark and cool place to dry. On this hot summer day, we decided to serve the tarhana chilled, accompanied by Villa Garden Basil Oil, drawing inspiration from Spanish gazpacho.

2. Keçiboynuzu (Harnup) , Pekmezi (Carob Molasses)

Producer: Umman Toker

Location: Etrim Köyü

There is an abundance of carobs around Etrim, Yalıçiftlik, and Kızılağaç. This family harvests them and boils them for 2-3 days to make the molasses. They strain the seeds out and then jar it. Carobs offer numerous health benefits. They contain zero fat and are high in potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium. Additionally, their high fiber content aids digestion. Here, we have prepared a carob ice-cream, topped with carob molasses.

3. Memecik Olive Oil and Bodrum Yağlı Zeytin

Producer: Ayşin Hanım

Location: North of Çömlekçi Köyü

Memecik is the local olive variety of the Milas region. It is used to produce both olive oil and table olives. The olive oil we are tasting today was made from early harvested green olives (harvested around October) and underwent cold pressing at 22 degrees C. The oil boasts a polyphenol measurement of 724 and acidity of 0.16.

Regarding the olives, they are harvested in three stages. When they are green, they are referred to as 'Yeşil Çekirdek Kırması.' Once ripe, they are called 'Bodrum yağlı zeytin,' and when fully matured, they are known as 'Sele.' After harvesting, the olives are preserved in sea water for a year. The water is changed multiple times during this period. Subsequently, the olives are mixed with olive oil and lemon.

4. Gambilya Bakla

Producer: Hamide Hanım

Location: Kızılağaç

Broad beans are plentiful in Bodrum, and Gambilya beans take the spotlight. Hamide Hanım harvests her own beans, and the seeds are family heirlooms. The harvesting and drying process require a lot of time and effort, resulting in the production of around 4-5 bags (20 kg each) every year. Locals usually enjoy these beans as fava, paired with red onions, or as a soup.

We have created a delightful puree using gambilya beans, topped with steamed octopus, and glazed with pomegranate molasses.

5. Deniz Fasulyesi / Sea Beans

Location: Cokertme

It grows near the sea and is resistant to salty water, allowing it to flourish in such conditions. Local women collect it early in the morning, before sunrise, to preserve its flavors and taste. You can find it from time to time in the local farmers' markets.

For this dish, we combine it with artichokes, calamari eggs, Bodrum purple peppers, and satsuma (immature tangerine).

6. Fresh Çömlekçi Cheese

Producer: Ayşin Hanım

Location: Çömlekçi village

The cheese is made from the milk of their own cows. It is curdled using the liquid left over from making strained yogurt. They shape it with a cloth and leave it under a stone to set. After that, they press it with salt and leave it in the fridge to set further. We love combining it with our Organic Fresh Figs, Honey Almonds, and Fresh Mint.

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