Chef Carlo Bernardini


Carlo, born in Venice and raised at his family Hotel-Restaurant where he was surrounded by the rhythm’s of the Venetian seasons, the wonders from the sea and the fields, and of course his grandmother’s inspiring home cooking.

After graduating from The Culinary School in Venice, and the Hotel Management Institute in Switzerland, Carlo apprenticed begin at europeans kitchens under renowned chefs such as Pierre Gilgen, Anton Mossiman and Pierre Gagnaire  which makes him to gain vital cooking experiences at places such as The Dorchester in London, The Palace Hotel in Santk Moritz, The Kuum Hotel in  Sankt  Moritz, The Cipriani Hotel in Venice, Villa San Michele in Florence and in St. Etienne.

Following several years in the finest kitchens and establishments, Carlo made his way to the United States where he furthered his talents in Aqua in San Francisco and Le Cirque in New York. This led him to join the Four Seasons Hotel Group as The Executive Chef at hotels in Tokyo, Singapore and Bangkok, where he was inspired to add an exotic flair to his cooking which was previously traditional Italian.

During his time at the Four Seasons Hotels Group brought him to cities like London, Lisbon, Cairo and Istanbul where he was the opening executive chef.

In 2002, Carlo decides to step further for a new independent venture in his Culinary Lifestyle, while establishing his own Culinary Consultancy Company which involve him in several new projects in Paris, Milan, Prague and London. 

In 2004, Carlo establish a new line of fine cooking experiences, with it’s a new company called “Carlo Bernardini Fine Catering & Events”, which brought a new life dimension in the hospitality and entertainment world.

Exclusively designed for fine tailored dining experiences, unique events and occasions with a culinary excellence combine with innovative cuisine and refined service, both in Istanbul and major locations in Europe.

Chef Carlo is been as well appointed as official caterer for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Heads of States as President Clinton and President Obama, Michael Bloomberg, and many more celebrities.

In 2010, Carlo, is been awarded by the President of the Italian Republic with the Title of Cavaliere dell` Ordine della Stella Italiana “ Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy, followed by the Accademia Italiana della Cucina,with the ‘’Prize Giovanni Nuvoletti 2020’’ award, for its significant and continues contribution to highlight the value of the Italian Cuisine in the World.

Chef Carlo Bernardini
Chef Carlo Bernardini

Gastronomy Ambassador Turkey


Carlo sparks passion for world-renowned Champagne Maison, a culinary collaboration and passion which begin to create a truly unique experience full of emotions for the palate, with a sincere cooking expertise.

Tasting one of the most prestigious champagnes is always an unforgettable experience filled with emotions and sensations. The art and delicacy that goes behind discovering the finest products to pair with a divine bouquet of vintage and variety Champagne Maison makes each moment a special occasion to share and remember.

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Fine Catering & Events


With over 15 years of experience, Carlo Bernardini Fine Catering & Events has become a highly reputable brand icon for their quality; Chef Carlo and his team are widely viewed as the one to go to for organizing an event to remember.

We are able to orchestrate events either at your home, or at a venue of your choice. Both in Turkey and abroad. 
We bring you Chef Carlo's unique signature dishes and many more executed perfectly to your liking for any occasion.
We take pride in working closely with you to tailor your event, paying particular attention to provide value in all of our services. Each celebration we create comes to life with our passion and hands-on effort, our synergy, decades of experience, creative vision and flawless execution.

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Our Sister Properties


It's our pleasure to introduce the newest joint ventures and partnerships of Carlo Bernardini Group, Villa Maçakızı Bodrum and Maçakızı Halas 71 Yacht.

Carlo and his expert team have brought a uniquely elevated level of dining experience to these beautiful establishments, with an unparalleled vision and know-how, bringing together a try celebration of taste and lifestyle.

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Chef Carlo Bernardini

"Whatever you do - for work or play - do it with passion"

Christian Dior




The Carlo Bernardini Consultancy service has enjoyed a professional relationship with some of the industry's most respected companies and individuals.

At the core of any experience with the Carlo Bernardini Consultancy is the philosophy of Cuisine that is apparent in every aspect, from menu design to the balance of ingredients and control of implementation.
Tradition and modern innovation is a turning point in Carlo Bernardini's expertise. He is personally involved in every aspect of creating a memorable atmosphere and culinary experience.


Live Virtual Cooking Classes



Chefs for Foodies is a holistic, community-focused cooking platform. They help food lovers become better home cooks by connecting them with professional chefs. Check out Chef Carlo's profile, recipe boxes (available in UK only) and classes offered on Chefs For Foodies. 

Chef Carlo Bernardini

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